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I hope you like these idiots. The AU is my own, it doesn’t make sense. The Alpha falls in love with the Prince of the North after travelling farther than usual with Toothless. 

He visits him every full moon. Cue cheesy secret love affair because I’m all about that. suihiuhiudssdksjw





My character said something about killing himself/herself very casually. How does your muse react?

CLOSED RP - ask-sassy-jack-frost



Hiccup looked up at Jack, and a soft smile came to his face. He took the boy’s jaw and pulled him in for a soft kiss. “I love you…” He whispered, pulling Jack so he was on the bed also. He then chuckled as he pulled away. “But you need to shave.” He smirked at the other, his fingers brushing his chin. “It may look attractive, but it’s not exactly comfortable kissing you.” He teased lightly, and kissed him again.

Jack was surprised by the sudden show of affection, but he did not complain and he climbed up with the brunette boy and kissed him back, just being close to him and he chuckled softly “I will… I will have a bath as well…” He smiled even brighter “I have not really washed up in five weeks.. of course a few times… but every minute away from you was pain, I always lived with the fear that you would be gone when I came back… I was so scared..” He leaned his forehead on hiccups “Oh Hiccup… I have been so scared…” 

"Sh," Hiccup was quick to softly hush him, pulling him closer by his jaw. "I’m here now, okay? And im here to stay as long as you want me to." He pressed his lips against Jack’s in a slow, passionate kiss, fingers tangling in white hair. "I love you Jack, and im not leaving until you tell me to." He whispered, looking into Jack’s eyes.

"Your words… When you spoke and sung to me… I dont really remember everything, but I know they got through." He looked up at him, a soft smile. "They helped me wake up, Jack."

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30. Your muse walks in on mine mid-orgasm

Hiccup moaned out, head thrown back as his hand continued to pump along his dick, eyes slipped shut as he thought of his white-haired best friend. He was meant to come over in a few hours, and Hiccup had to… ‘calm himself’… To stop him from an awkward situation if Jack decided to be flirtatious- which he was with every living thing.

"Ah! Jack!" He moaned out as he finally reached his peak, his eyes darting open and looking to the ceiling as white spurts of thick semen fell on his abdomen and stomach.

Hiccup felt a small thrill of being able to make Jack moan like that when he wasnt doing much. He leaned back, his back bending backwards to get the lube from the drawer and a condom. He smirked at Jack, his vision slowly starting to come to in the darkness.

Jack did notice the movement and he started to get excited for real “Is this a dream?.. Is this really happening?” Jack asked softly, bit really sure what to believe at this moment. 

"You tell me…" He said snarkily, bringing the boy in for a sharp kiss. He ripped open the condom as he was kissing him, before going down onto his knees in front of him. He pressed the condom to his tip, but then put his mouth over it, unwrapping it with his teeth and tongue.

Jack groaned and gasped “ah…. shit..” He laid his head back and then to the side, biting his lip “Damn… did you just do that?” He was not sure to believe it or not. 

Hiccup hummed in response, kissing him softly. He took the lube, pulling away. “Did you want to, or I?” He asked, uncapping the lid and spreading some on the condom, waiting for Jack’s reply.



Jack sighed. “I know you do, Hiccup… But your love for me is different.” He looked to Hiccup. “You love me the way you want to do everything I say. That type of love is; kissing them daily, loving them forever, doing things because you both want to do them.”

Hiccup shook his head, denying the thought that his love was different. “No, no. It isn’t different Jack!” He stuck his tongue out like a stubborn child. There was more to how he felt about his owner. Happy to be accepted for who he was, that Jack was always there for him.

Jack sighed softly. “Hiccup, if you did, you wouldnt be taking it so lightly.” He brushed the boy’s fur back to kiss his forehead once more. “Im only going to be a few minutes… okay?” He assured.



Jackson rolled his eyes. “Maybe I wanted to keep it…” He said sarcastically. He didnt have lube for himself; he was too socially awkward to buy gum, let along condoms and lube. When the boy sat back down, Jackson sighed softly and pressed himself more to Jackson.

As he ate, he smiled at the coolness of Jack, and wondered if he felt warm to him. Watching the movie, half of his mind was still paying attention to Jack, and even as he finished his food, he didnt pull away. Instead he turned so his arms wrapped around his waist, snuggling into his side.

"I’ve missed you…" He said quietly, pressing his lips to his brother’s strong chest. "Even if it is different now, I still missed our movie nights."

"Well if you wanna keep it in your room, where you know Mom’ll find it sure~” he teased, giving him a slight tickle on the side. “Ooor you can do the smart thing and keep it here in my dresser where Mom won’t care a bit if she finds it.” He smirked and tucked into his meal, holding his twin as they watched the movie. Jack of course had to put down his food from time to time to keep from cracking up…man he loved British Humor.

Soon his food was gone and he could focus on more important things, like his twin who was currently making himself comfortable against him. The soft kisses drew his attention and he lowered his eyes to him with a slight smile, a hand coming to pet his hair gently. “Yeah, me too. We should do them more often huh? Sound good?” He asked softly, his nose tucking into those downy brown strands. Where as Jack smelled of the fresh air and outside, his brother always had this subtle vanilla scent to him…and Jack adored it. A smile curled his lips as he half-heartedly watched the movie, simply pampering gentle affections on his brother.

Jackson rolled his eyes. “Then I cant use it, genius.”  He muttered. Hearing Jack’s laughs brought a smile to Jackson’s face. He missed hearing Jack’s laugh, missed being around him in general. But he had been with his friends so much lately, or running around, he mostly laughed with them, and not at home where Jackson could hear.

Jackson smiled up at his brother and nodded, going back to the boy’s chest. He heard Jack sniff his hair and chuckled, rolling his eyes but not making a comment. He liked the smell of Jack too; like spearmint or winter… Which is kind of ironic with his name and hair, but it was true.

Jackson thought back to Jack’s previous girlfriends and boyfriends. He remembered how envious he was of them; how they could kiss and cuddle him whenever they wanted to. He looked up at Jack and brought him into a soft kiss. Well… Now I can. He thought to himself, smiling slightly in the kiss.

Stranded: Closed RP


"He won’t hurt me." I replied with confidence. "I know him." I said with a nod. She didn’t seem convinced, but she kept talking.
She told me where Jack was, and where Toothless was before leaving. I looked around, and even though I was in no physical state to walk, I did it anyway.
I wasn’t in a physical state to do anything, but that wasn’t going to stop me.
It’s not like I can die again anyway.
I got out of bed stiffly and walked over to the dresser. On top of the dresser was a brush that I saw Jack use when he used to spend his days in here with me. He didn’t brush his hair often, but I was able to pluck out enough hair for a palmful, and that’s good enough for me.
I stiffly got dressed and put the hair in one of my many pockets, and walked over to the window. Pushing it open, I looked outside and saw the barn, before looking down at the drop I had to endure.
I was really high up…
But I had to save Jack from himself.
Holding my breath, I closed my eyes, and let myself fall from the window and into the thick snow. The drop was long, and when I hit the snow, I was sure from the foreboding cracking noise that I broken the arm I fell on… But I didn’t care. I got up anyway.
I staggered over to the barn and opened it with one arm, considering how my left arm lay limp at my side. “Tooth-… Toothless.” I panted, and he greeted me happily yet cautiously. He could tell it was urgent, considering how I wasn’t in the right physical state to be moving, let alone walking in the snow.
The flying part is going to be so strenuous…
“We… Need to find Jack..” I said in between delayed and pained breaths, and pulled out the hair from my pocket. I presented the hair to Toothless’s snout. “Get his scent… There’s no time for delaying anymore. He’s… He’s in trouble.” He gave me a grunt before lowering himself so that I could get on his back when he got Jack’s scent. I struggled, but once I was on, I strapped myself in so I wouldn’t fall. “Find him Toothless.” I commanded, and before I could get a grip on the saddle, he was off.
I winced as I forced myself to tuck my arm against my stomach, and gripped the saddle with my other hand as we left the pole. We have to find Jack. We have to…

Jack had still been killing animals; even if it was less and less. He was still angry, but the half of him that was upset, was slowing starting to claw its way up. He could feel tears on his face now, as he shot ice at another deer, then ran up to encase it in a glass of ice. He then broke it with a smash of his staff.

He walked to a tree, beginning to punch it rapidly until his knuckles bled, even hitting his head on it a few times. He was bleeding again; but that was nothing new. He knew he would heal in a few minutes, so he didnt even care.



As he felt the boy getting a more relaxed Peter allowed himself to go a little faster himself started to moan, clinging on the sheets as he moved on his lover, chests rubbing together

Hiccup moaned, pleasure mixing with pain. His fingernails dug into Peter’s back, biting his lip to quieten his moans. 

Send me ‘I want the K’ and I’ll generate a number (NSFW version)

  • 1: Neck Nibble
  • 2: Nipple Nibble
  • 3: Licking Whipped Cream Off Body
  • 4: Sucking A Body Part
  • 5: Kiss With Tongue
  • 6: Inner-thigh Kiss
  • 7: Scratches
  • 8: Hair pulling
  • 9: Jawline biting
  • 10: Belly-button Kiss
  • 11: Tongue teasing
  • 12: Striptease
  • 13: Groping body part
  • 14: Suck Along the Hips
  • 15: Shower Kiss
  • 16: Spooning
  • 17: Naked massage
  • 18: Pearl Necklace
  • 19: Hand job
  • 20: Any of the Above
  • 21: Oral Sex

WARNING: Do not watch HTTYD 1 when you’ve seen HTTYD 2 unless you want your heart ripped out and shredded before your eyes.


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