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Hiccup: me
Jack: lokis-harley-quinn


I like to think I make an attractive male

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Hiccup making a move

Took much longer than expected and still not happy with it *sigh*


I miss drawing dorks OTL dis is wip.


watching rps go from lines / paragraphs to read mores

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I would love to roleplay with you! :)



Hiccup sighed, kissing him softly. “No I’m not sure,” He rolled his eyes, using a teasing tone. “Can you go a round two or not?” He asked with a chuckle, leaning down to press a kiss to the boy’s lips. The kiss deepened and he moved over to straddle the other’s hips, a…

Hiccup could only smirk, slowly taking more and more of him in before choking slightly. He stayed back, stroking the rest of him as he bobbed his head against most of the boy’s length. He moaned purposefully, looking up at a Jack through dark eyelashes.

He could feel Jack harden in his mouth, and he continued to bob up and down, even going as daring as scraping his teeth along the upper side. He made sure to keep eye contact with the boy; liking having that little bit of dominance.

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// I turned this into PNAU if that’s okay :3

The nerd bit his lip as he looked over to the white haired punk, stuffed in a closet at school to have one of their unfrequent alone times. He moved over and pressed his lips against Jack’s softly,

Jack draped his body over Hiccup’s as they kissed, hands brushing over the brunet’s nipples. His tongue ran over Hiccup’s bottom lip, begging for entrance as he gently rolled his hips.

Hiccup made a small noise at the brushing of nipples, and gladly opened his mouth for access. Hiccup moaned softly when Jack’s hips rolled against his, and his kissing turned more needy. His fingers moved down to the other’s pants, undoing the belt and pants and sliding them down, not breaking the kiss.

Jack’s tongue slipped into the brunet’s mouth, moaning softly as he helped kick off his pants, his own hands moving to remove Hiccup’s. He began to roll his hips down with more force, the kiss turning a little bit sloppy.

Hiccup helped the other take off his pants; blushing slightly at the fact that he was naked in front of the other. He kissed him, the thought being thrown out as Jack pressed them together with more force. “Ah- Jack…” He moaned, fingers gripping his back.




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you forgot us




if i ever become famous i’m going to create a fake account on twitter and tumblr and be part of my own fandom and i will be like bffs with my fans and we’ll fangirl over myself but they would have no idea it’s me

and then one day i would call them on skype and see the blood run out of their faces

i’m afraid of you

Literally my DREAM


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